In the competitive landscape of container chassis manufacturing, the choice of suspension systems is pivotal to achieving optimal performance, durability, and operational flexibility. Jansteel employs a variety of advanced suspension technologies across their chassis models, each tailored to meet specific transportation needs and challenges.

AXN Tandem Suspension

The AXN Tandem Suspension is a cornerstone of Jansteel’s 23.5′ Extendable 2-Axle Chassis, renowned for its:

Air Ride, Hendrickson Intraax, “P” Spindle, Wide-Track (77-1/2”), HXL7 Bearing

Jansteel’s 20-40’ Tandem Combo chassis features an Air Ride system with Hendrickson Intraax, “P” Spindle, and wide-track design, offering:

Hutchens or AXN Suspension

The 40’ Gooseneck 3-Axle Chassis utilizes Hutchens or AXN Suspension, providing:

AXN 5” Round Axles with 25000 lb Capacity; 77.5” Track, Hutchens Undermount Suspension H-9700, 3 Leaf Heavy Duty Springs

Jansteel’s 33’ Extendable Chassis features AXN 5” Round Axles with Hutchens Undermount Suspension H-9700 and 3 Leaf Heavy Duty Spring, known for:

Enhancing Fleet Efficiency Through Superior Suspension Systems

Choosing the right suspension system is crucial for maximizing the performance and longevity of container chassis. Jansteel’s integration of advanced suspension technologies across the lineup reflects a commitment to delivering reliable solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the transportation industry. Whether for short-distance logistics or long-haul transportation, these suspension systems ensure durability, efficiency, and operational excellence.

Jansteel: Advancing Your Fleet with Cutting-Edge Suspension Technology
Invest in the future of your fleet with Jansteel’s advanced suspension systems, meticulously designed to enhance performance, durability, and operational flexibility. As a leader in chassis manufacturing and innovation, Jansteel integrates cutting-edge technologies like AXN, Air Ride, Hutchens, and more to meet diverse transportation demands. Contact us today to explore how our tailored suspension solutions can optimize your logistics operations, ensuring your fleet remains at the forefront of efficiency and reliability in the competitive world of container chassis manufacturing.

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